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Please follow these instructions regarding your test result:

Date your test was taken: July 24, 2020

Test turnaround time is variable (3-10 days)

The Assessment Centre team will call all patients if your result is not on the website.

Your test is processed either by a public lab (displays on the website) or private lab (does NOT display on the website). You can contact the assesment center team between 8:30am and 4:30pm for your results if you have no information (website or phone calls) after 7+ days at 1-877-250-1705

Your result will also NOT display on the website if you do not have a health card or if any of your data is incorrect (date of birth, gender, etc.)

Please check for your result online starting 2 days after test:

Click here to check for results

Please note the following important instructions:

POSITIVE results: Some results will display on the website (as above) and some will not. Public Health or the Assessment Centre team will contact you directly to provide health advice.

NEGATIVE results:

  • Check the website. If you can see your test result online, you will NOT get a call from us if it is NEGATIVE

  • It can take up to 10 days for the test to be reported online or to the assessment centre

Thank you for your patience regarding your test result.

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